BA Psychology, B.Sc Psychology, and BA Applied Psychology Difference

Psychology is one of the most popular subjects to opt for graduation. However, during the admission, what students might struggle with is understanding the difference between Bachelor of Arts (BA) in Psychology and Bachelor of Science (BSc) in Psychology.

While there is no such difference between the syllabus and course components, a BSc in Psychology is more similar to a BA in Applied Psychology. The basic difference between the two programmes lies in the classification, a BSc/BA Applied Psychology degree provides students with more practical training than the BA Psychology.

Benefits of a BSc Psychology / Applied Psychology

Psychology may consider as behavioral science, thus understanding Psychology needs a good knowledge of Biology because both subjects deal with human beings. “In fact, having knowledge of Mathematics also helps because it gets easier to deal with stats and research”

Also, Psychology under Science discipline, allows universities and colleges to receive more funding from the govt. for the laboratory/practical experiments. “Whether it is a BA degree in Psychology or a BSc degree in Psychology, a certain amount of laboratory teaching comes with both of them.

Benefits of a BA Psychology

If you have a keen interest in the field of psychology and you want to discover the other options in-depth as well let’s say health and nutrition. It is perfect for students who are considering specialized psychology fields such as health psychology and forensic psychology.

If you choose this degree can also opt to go later on to further study in Law, Social Work, Counseling, Education, Journalism, Political Science, and Business.

In the end, both the degrees provide you the same recognition and value after the completion of the degree and they both pave the path to the master’s degree. Although, a B.A. degree will more dedicated to developing communication and writing skills. Whereas a B.Sc. will concentrate in helping you see things more from an analytical and practical perspective.


To work under psychologist or psychological counsellor or even a clinical psychologist, it is mandatory for students to attain a master’s degree. When candidates reach the postgraduate level, irrespective of their BA or BSc degree, the postgraduate syllabus remains the same. Students from the non-psychology background can also eligible for admission to PG in Psychology.
Several branches of Psychology are there such as cognitive psychology, developmental psychology, organisational psychology, clinical psychology, behavioural psychology, biopsychology, counselling psychology, to name a few. In order to get a suitable job, students need to pick an area of specialisation at the PG level. “When it comes to jobs, the criteria is a postgraduate degree with a preferred area of specialisation. It hardly matters whether a candidate has done a BA or BSc degree.

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