Clinical psychology and Counselling psychology are both associated with the assessment and treatment of people suffering from psychological problems. They share a lot in common, however, they should not be confused.

Clinical psychologists have the ability to deal with patients with serious issues like chronic psychological disorders, even though they might deal with people having personal crises as well. They are qualified to do so as they need to complete their M.Phil in Clinical Psychology or PsyD to practice. Because of this, they also have access to a wider number of tests and a wider scope of work.

On the other hand, Counselling Psychologists deal with less serious issues, like career counselling, adjustment, relationship problems, stress, etc. They can pursue this after their Master’s degree, not requiring further qualification.

Another difference between both fields is their place of employment. Clinical psychologists usually work in clinics and hospitals. In contrast, counselling psychologists work in schools, colleges, or counselling services.

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